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Useful Web Sites

Star Size Comparison - YouTube Video
Awesome video that compares sizes of planets, stars & galaxies.
video chat with real astronomer, guest speakers, live planetarium shows, monthly talk and tour, observatory tours, mentorships...
Stellarium - FREE program for observing the night sky!
Space Chem
Gravity and Orbit Simulator
Robert F. Hall's Sudbury Dynamic Earth/Science North Field trip powerpoint
Interactive Earth Science Animations by IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) - includes graphics, animations and videos on Earth Science Fundamentals
Advantage Educational Services
-Spaceship Earth Geoscience Kit
-hands-on exploration of diverse geoscience topics geared for senior high school students in SES4U
Windows of the Universe (Earth and Space Science)
-includes Teacher Resources
Space Science Education and Public Outreach
group at Sonoma State University
-includes video games, educational activities, PowerPoint
presentations, etc. related to black holes, gamma rays,
galaxies, stars, and electromagnetic spectrum
Astronomy Podcasts
Podcast: Effects of Ocean Acidification on Coral Reefs
An NSTA Podcasts on “Effects of Ocean Acidification on Coral Reefs”. It is a segment of the Web Seminar “The Heat Is On!: Climate Change and Coral Reef Ecosystems.” The presenter talks about ocean acidification, the basic carbon dioxide chemistry cycle of the oceans, and the changes coral reef ecosystems are experiencing due to anthropogenic increases in carbon dioxide.

A neat app for astronomy:


Messenger sheds light on Mercury's formation (30 September 2011)

"Nasa's Messenger spacecraft is bringing new understanding to the question of how Mercury formed. The new information looks set to rewrite theories about the birth of the solar system's smallest planet." Read More