Useful Web Sites

"Having answers to our children's questions is not enough. If we want societies that provide the maximum benefit for the most people over the longest time, and if we want to find solutions to the challenges and problems we've created, we must teach our children and ourselves how to find and evaluate answers objectively. Making science education a priority is an important part of that." - David Suzuki. Read more here.
Discovery's Curiosity in the Classroom!
Canadian Education Association website (includes - What did you do in school today? Framework and Rubric)
Merlot - Putting Educational Innovations into Practice

A Day Made of Glass... Made possible by Corning.
Peel Region Water Story
-free online educational videos
Critical Thinking in Science (e.g. pH, cells)
Science (and more) to Music!
National Research Council Canada - Free Resources!
  • periodic tables, cells, star finders, etc.
The National Academies Press – PDF books are FREE to read online.
classCONNECT – resources for students (SNC2D, SNC2P, SPH3U, SPH4C, SPH4U)
Free Clip Art!
Absorb Online Courses
FREE!!! Online simulations, interactive animations, and videos, with narration.
National Film Board of Canada (NFB):
All students and educators in Ontario have free, online access to award-winning Canadian films from the NFB
It leads to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute web site. You can order all the DVDs there FREE of charge. The titles and quality are similar to PBS productios. These DVDs are applicable to our Senior science programmes
Secondary Science Curriculum Documents
The Riverwood Conservancy
(on Burnhamthorpe between Mississauga Rd and Creditview)
Conservation Halton
McGraw-Hill Ryerson
Nelson Education
Pearson Education Canada
GAINS website (e.g. Literacy, DI resources)
Free Interactive Science Simulations
(Virtual Labs)
DP's e-resource site
Ontario Education Resource Bank (OERB)
Canadian Nuclear Association -
Take a close look at the education resources they offer. They go beyond just nuclear issues. Plus, their resources have been correlated to the current curriculum (and they use a three-part lesson plan)
Lab Out Loud is a podcast, hosted by two science teachers, that discusses science news and science education by interviewing leading scientists, researchers, science writers and other important figures in the field.
Royal Canadian Institute for the Advancement of Science
-includes calendar of RCI's Science Lecture Series
Solar Cell Experiment
Teachers' Domain
is an extensive library of free digital media resources produced by public television,
designed for classroom use and professional development.
Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) Education
-free resources available
Franke James' My Green Conscience Website
-great visual essays on environmental issues
(climate change, chemicals in the environment, etc.)
Science Vocab Cards (elementary - but could be useful with ELLs and LDCCs)
Minerals of Canada
Eastern Ontario Catholic Curriculum Cooperative
-connecting the Catholic World View with different subject areas
and the Catholic Graduate Expectations
Progressive Educational Systems
-Providing Canada with quality training systems since 1992 for – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
-includes renewable energy technologies (e.g., wind, solar, hydrogen training resources)
Bitstrips - create comic strips online:
Mayo Clinic - Symptom Checker
Good for the Grade 10 Body Systems Unit
Emedicine:Good for the Grade 10 Body Systems Unit
"Subway Science" - a COOL and INNOVATIVE way at organizing 500 years in modern science

CIHR Synapse Youth Mentorship program

goal of the mentorship program is to connect young Canadians interested in health and science with CIHR’s health researchers and trainees and

-a new and unique way of making a presentation
-check out the examples

Bjork’s Biophilia: Nature + Music + Technology and
Check out her use of a Tesla Coil to make music @ the 50 s mark

This is the coolest digital book...ever! Makes me wanna buy an iPad!

Khan Academy - website with FREE tutorial videos for EVERYTHING in science & math - check it out @

XMas Themed:

Science in School advent calendar: December 2011

Science tricks for the Christmas table

Winter-themed Activities:

Cookie Mystery - Chem Investigation