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Online Videos for using and accessing myNelson Resources

There are several PD videos posted at http://www.nelson.com/onsciencepd. The videos are intended for use by both teachers and students. Teachers can share the link with students to help them learn to use the resources as well and then you don't have to spend as much time teaching the how to's of the online interface.

Notre Dame - 11U Physics Simulations

Notre Dame - 12U Physics Simulations

2D Radiation Simulation - this is really cool!
MineCraft Physics - using the video game to study acceleration
Neat Video on Slinky Experiment - what happens when you drop a stretched slinky? What happens when you drop it with a tennis balls?
The Perimeter Institute
-free resources including DVDs, teacher resources,
cartoon animations, etc.
e.g. Alice and Bob animations explaining some basic concepts - these are great!
How the Brain Works (PBS)
Use of technology, Google Earth and inquiry-based labs around energy sources
Quantum Levitation Video

Optics Demos and Activities
-as presented by Roberto Lorusso at STAO 2009


Exploring 'extreme' physics with an inexpensive plastic toy popper

"This article describes an activity that can be performed with an inexpensive plastic toy popper. The activity builds skill at analysing motion and results in the calculation of a surprisingly extreme acceleration."

This link http://arstechnica.com/science/news/2011/11/science-education-prize-goes-to-open-source-physics.ars will lead you to a story about an award winning resources for physical sciences: Open Source Physics “simulation software on a wide variety of topics in the physical sciences (including astronomy), accompanied by guides and lesson plans that help integrate it into the classroom.”

Sony has unveiled a paper-powered battery prototype in Japan (Dec 21, 2011 c/o BBC News).

Via BBC News
Plugging gadgets into a socket in the wall, or loading them with batteries - or maybe even unfurling a solar panel - is how most of us think of getting electricity. But what about plugging them into your body? Read More

Shared Files

Investigating Heat Transfer between Metals and Water
-free online Virtual Lab
-used to introduce the relationship Q = mcT in SPH3U or SCH4U
external image msword.png Investigation - Heat Transfer between Metals and Water.doc

Free Teaching Resources for Modern Physics
The Perimeter Institute has developed a number of resources to help teach modern physics concepts found in curriculum expectations from grade 9 science to grade 12 physics. These resources are being presented in workshops across Ontario.
Participating teachers will explore ways to introduce their classes to topics such as dark matter, quantum physics and relativity. Each teacher will each receive a copy of the resource package which will include a video, hands-on activities, worksheets, and extra background information.
If you wish to attend an upcoming session, please email Roberta Tevlin roberta@tevlin.ca to reserve a spot and ensure that sufficient materials are available. If there is no workshop near you, let Roberta know and maybe something can be arranged. http://www.perimeterinstitute.ca/