DP_Atom.PNGYoung Scientists of Dufferin-Peel

Congratulations to all Dufferin-Peel students who participated in this year's 43rd Peel Region Science Fair! Details and photos are now posted on their website: www.peelscience.ca

Science Fair 2013:

Peel Region Science Fair: April 6-7, 2013 at Louise Arbour Secondary School

Check out more info at the Peel Science website: http://www.peelscience.ca/

You can also follow us on twitter @PeelScience

Want to start a Science Fair at your School? Here are some resources c/o Father Michael Goetz's Science Fair Team

Award-winning teen-age science in action

-great work from the winners of 2011's Google Science Fair (TEDxWomen)
-great process for students thinking of coming up with a science fair

Toronto Teens Send Lego Man into Atmosphere: